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Sphere Tyre Pressure Monitor Kit Discontinued


Remotely monitor tyre pressures

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Sphere’s new Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems features a solar-powered LCD display wirelessly connected to four waterproof external sensors to monitor individual tyre pressure in real-time. It is the first system in Australia which can be upgraded to monitor up to 10 sensors (including 2 spare tyres) without a booster.

Sphere Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System has visual and audible alerts when there is tyre air leakage, high tyre temperature, and too high or too low tyre pressures.The monitor allows users to customise the high/low pressure alarm threshhold by each axle.
Users can set the low pressure alarm as low as 7 PSI for rough terrain or change the alarm threshold for an axle taking a heavier load. When fully charged, the solar-powered LCD display battery lasts for up to 60 hours.

Sphere External Tyre Pressure Sensors

Additional sensors (sold separately) that can be added to the Sphere Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. Users could add these sensors onto their trailers, caravans, or floats to be monitored alongside up to 10 other tyres. These sensors are waterproof, designed for harsh environments, with a replaceable CR1632 button battery.


  • No wiring DIY install
  • Protects tyre via early puncture detection.
  • 4 external sensor kit
  • Wireless solar-power display
  • Monitoring Range: 0~87Psi
  • All-weather design with IP67 waterproof sensors
  • Alerts for low pressure, high pressures, fast air leakage and high tyre temperature
  • Visual and audible alerts
  • Adjustable high/low pressure threshold by axle, selectable range: 7Psi ~87Psi
  • Suitable for car, 4WD, 4WD + trailer^, caravan^, motorhome^, light trucks^
  • Can be upgraded to monitor 10 tyres (including up to 2 spare tyres)
  • Tyre Swap function available
  • Patented lock nut removal tool


Sphere TPMS Instruction Manual

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