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Ampfibian RV-Plus 15A adaptor

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15A adaptor with waterproof feature for caravan and motorhome extension cords. Plug 15A extension leads at home safely into your 10A power point.

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Ampfibian RV-Plus 15AMP to 10AMP Adapter

The Ampfibian RV Plus is the perfect power adapter for caravan/RV owners. Compact for travel, and weatherproof for outdoor use, it lets 15A devices connect legally to 10A power points and includes fast acting earth leakage safety protection.

Product Description

Ampfibian allows for the safe and legal connection of a 15A load (e.g caravan) to a standard 10A domestic powerpoint, protecting the domestic power supply from overloading. Ampifian also includes an earth leakage device (RCD) safety switch which will protect people from potential electric shock through faulty wiring or appliances.

The RV Plus is specifically made for travellers, features a power indicator light and has a lid-locking padlock attachment point. Australian designed and made this product comes with two years warranty and represents great value.


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