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Odour B Gone Toilet / Grey Tank Tablets 30g


Original Popular OBG toilet tablet range. Cleans and deodorises grey water tanks too!


40x30g Holding Tank Toilet Tablets

20x30g Holding Tank Toilet Tablets

HOLDING TANKS: – Depending on the size of the tank I recommend using 1 x 30 gram tablet (white) for 7 days usage , add more as required. The tablet is similar to the 8 gram but more economical for such tanks.If you have a boat/yacht etc sea water can be used and with a Masurator suggest crush the tablet install pieces to prevent from jamming.Mini Oxygen Tablets are not included in the 40x30g box.GREY WATER: – I recommend using the 30 gram tablet can be placed on the far corner of the shower base , this will clean out the pipe lines leading to the tank, also can be placed directly intothe tank.

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