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NEW Edition Camps 10 SNAPS – Free camps Australia with HEMA maps, and free camp site photos.

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Camps 10 is the ultimate guide to free and budget-friendly camping throughout Australia. The latest in Camps Australia Wide’s highly respected range, Camps 9 features a list of over 4000 free camps. Including community campsites, showgrounds, station stays, national parks and pet friendly sites. Each site has been revisited and researched, while the new edition also features more free or low-cost campsites and overnight stops than ever. With atlas mapping by HEMA included to pinpoint each site, caravaners and campers can travel freely save money using Camps 10.

Everything a traveller needs to know can be easily found by looking at the descriptive icons and symbols. These show facilities including toilets, maximum rigs, maximum stay, dump points, pets allowed, fees, mobile phone coverage and access details.

Camps 10 is great value for money. After just a few nights of camping the savings will pay for the book, and the time saving is priceless. Use the information to free camp at all the best sites around Australia and SAVE MONEY.

Being able to plan a trip with stopovers that are free or low cost, knowing if pets are welcome and seeing available facilities at a glance, has proven to be a hit with travellers across Australia.

Over 3000 dog friendly sites and dog friendly free camps, Over 2700 site photos to help you choose the best free camp site available and plan your next caravan and camping adventure. Save money now and see more of our great country.


Product Format Perfect Bound
Free Camps / Sites 4000+
Size B4
 Camp Photos  2700+

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Dimensions 36 × 30 × 4.5 cm


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