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Sphere Automatic Satellite System VAST & Foxtel


Automatic motorhome and caravan satellite system for VAST and Foxtel makes TV on holiday fast and easy wherever you are.

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Sphere Twin LNB Satellite System

Moving with the times, the Sphere Automated Satellite System (SASS) is innovative and technologically advanced. It has been designed to locate and lock onto satellites quickly (in particular, the C1/D3 satellites which cover the majority of Australia).

It is compatible with Direct Broadcast Satellites (DBS) which broadcast audio, video and data from satellites about 35,406km away! To ensure the best signal is received from DBS, the SASS must have a clear view of the satellite i.e. make sure there are no trees or heavy cloud in the signal pathway. It also has a built in Digital Broadcast Receiver.

SASS comprises of two main components: the dish (which houses the positioning mechanism and twin LNBs) and the indoor unit (IDU which is the systems user interface and allows the user to control/access SASS). SASS comes with a pre-drilled mounting base plate, making it easy to install and offers better weight distribution across the RV rooftop.

Product Description

The Sphere SAA-850 RV Satellite Antenna with auto skew twin LNB is innovative and a technologically advanced satellite positioner system. The antenna has a unique combination of state-of-the art components with the most sophisticated satellite acquisition and tracking programs to locate and lock onto the OPTUS C1/D3 satellite in Australia.


  • Auto Skew
  • Twin LNB
  • Fast satellite acquisition of the OPTUS C1/D3 (that use a 10.700GHz L.O)
  • Capable of high definition receiving



  • Antenna Unit:The antenna unit houses the antenna positioning mechanism, LNB (low noise block), and control elements within the antenna. Weather tight connectors join the power, signal and control cabling from the antenna IDU unit.

    Indoor Unit: (IDU)

    The IDU is the system’s user interface, providing access to the system and its functions through an LCD display power and two control buttons. IDU provides the power to the antenna as well as receives the satellite signal from the antenna unit.

    (Satellite receiver required)

    • Power: 12V
    • Frequency: 10.7GHz (twin LNB)
    • Closed Height: 200mm
    • Size of Mounting Base Plate (mm): 700L x 400W
    • 450mm – surrounding items must not be taller than 190mm
    • 200mm – surrounding items must not be taller than 70mm
    • Installed Weight: 19kg (includes cables and IDU), 16kg (dish and base plate only)
    • Recommended Clearance (from centre of rotating head): 600mm – surrounding items such as air condtitioners or hatches must not be taller than 260mm. If surrounding items are taller than 260mm, more clearance is  needed.


Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 100 × 94 × 50 cm



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