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Premium VAST Caravan Satellite Kit


Portable VAST Satellite system for caravans and motorhomes includes digital satellite signal finder for ease of use

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Everything you need ready to plug in to TV and receive satellite TV!

Premium VAST portable traveller pack includes:

    • 1 x VAST SatKing DVBS2-800CA receiver (Australia’s #1)
    • 1 x VAST Smartcard
    • 1 x 75cm removable arm dish
    • 1 x 10.7 Wideband LNB
    • 1 x Mobile Satellite Stand with spirit level
    • 1 x 10M Coaxial Cable
    • 1 x 2M Coaxial Cable
    • 1 x SatKing Premium digital Satellite Finder with LCD screen
    • 1 x Military Compass
    • 1 x Detailed step by step instructions
    • 3 x Pegs
    • 1 x Padded Dish Bag

VAST premium portable folding caravan traveller kit full page package contents

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Weight13.6 kg
Dimensions100 x 13 x 90 cm


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